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Review workshop for 11th grade

Solve the workshop and bring it to me before September the 4th.  (the workshop is voluntary)

*Use of time in Mandarin.


Subject + AM / PM +  number + 点 + verb + complement.


我    上午           十点           吃          早饭。
wo   shangwu     shidian       chi         zaofan

I      morning      10:00        eat           breakfast.

I have breakfast at 10:00 AM

Routines in mandarin

We use two ways one is with the structure  先 / 后    (first, then)   and other is 完 / 然后  (when finish, then)

Subject   + 先  + verb1 + complement1 + 后  verb2+ complement2

Subject + verb1 +  完 +complement1 + 然后 + verb2 + complement2


我   先      吃午饭   ,    然后         刷牙。
wo  xian   chiwufan     ranhou      shuaya

I first  have lunch, then  brush my teeth

我  吃    完   午饭   后 ,       刷牙。

wo chi wan wufan  hou,         shuaya.

When I finish having lunch, then I brush my teeth.


Using the structures seen in this workshop translate the following sentences:

1. I get up at 6:30 am
2. When I finish to comb my hair, then I change clothes.
3. I first watch T.V, then I do my homework.
4. I start classes at 9:00 AM and finish classes at 3:00 PM every day.
5.  When I get back home, then I eat some snacks and do my homework.

Write a routine (in Chinese characters) describing the activities of the girl from pg33 textbook.

See you ^^

Mr. Miguel

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